LIVID is mobile entertainment…Welcome to YOUR world.

LIVID is a free and simple way to join other fans in communities tied to your interests. Fans create all the madness on social media, so its time that you get rewarded for the content you create & circulate”


· Tap in to the networks of your interest, and follow or create fan channels of the influencers, teams, shows, brands, and things you love.

· Participate in interactive photo & video challenges

· Earn in-app currency, called VIDS, for everything you do! Now every like, post, comment, share & social media interaction is recognized.

· Climb the leaderboard, as you engage with your favorite channels and become crowned THE LIVID fan.

Whether your interests surround sports, particular celebrities, brands, fashion, politics, travel, or even novels, our world is connected by what we love. Tap into YOUR networks and channel your passion with other fans.


Create Madness & Go LIVID!